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Ventura 4

Quick Overview

在露台上、泳池邊,或在您的遊艇上,只要配備 KEF Ventura 4 全天候戶外揚聲器,您即可不受戶外場地限制,隨時隨時享受高質的音樂水準。KEF Ventura 戶外系統均通過耐候性測試,就算放置在惡劣的氣候環境下:極熱與冷,沙灘的環境,濕度... 經年仍能歷久不衰,繼續為您帶來美妙的聲音!
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  • 技術規格
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Ventura 4



  • 防雨密封箱
  • 1200小時的鹽霧防鏽測試
  • 適合-40 to +70 C (-40 to +158 F)環境
  • 通過實驗室IP65認證
  • 鋁製面網及吊架
  • 不鏽鋼/銅製零件
  • 可旋轉的標誌


Additional Information

類型 Two-way Sealed box
標示阻抗 6 Ohms
靈敏度 88dB (at 1m on axis for an input of 2.83v)
頻率響應 75Hz -20kHz (±6dB)
分頻點 3.5kHz
驅動單體 HF Unit : 19mm Tweeter (Fluid Cooled Aluminium)
LF Unit : 115mm (4.5in.)
建議擴大機功率 10 - 80 Watts
產品外部尺寸 H x W x D
231 x 172 x 173 mm (9 x 6.75 x 6.8 in.) Cabinet only
235 x 172 x 203.2 mm (9.25 x 6.75 x 8 in.) With bracket and knobs
淨重 2.4kg (5.3lbs)
單位 一對
檔案下載 Ci Series Pamphlet
Outdoor series brochure
Ventura information sheet
User Manual
Product Drawing
備註 Ventura 4 Independent test laboratory certified IP65. GP Acoustics (UK) Ltd, reserve the right, in line with continuous research and development, to amend or change the specifications without prior notice. E. & O.E.
Ci Software Download

1. KEF Speaker Placement Tool

Created by KEF UK engineering, the "KEF Speaker Placement Tool" is a software program* designed to assist you in the placement and layout of KEF Ci loudspeakers. Able to accommodate both 70V/100V and stereo music systems the software will graphically show room sound coverage, show speaker layout, and to provide wiring diagrams. For your convenience room layouts can be saved, printed, exported, and retrieved for future reference.

Download Ci Software

* KEF Speaker Placement Tool currently runs only on Windows based machines. Due to a compatibility issue between the "KEF Ci Speaker Placement Tool" and the latest version of Java, previous versions of the "KEF Ci Speaker Placement Tool" may not run. To correct this problem please uninstall the KEF Ci Software and then download and install the latest version from the link on this page.

2. KASA500 Software Update Tool

KASA500 is a powerful Class-D Dual 250WPC amplifier. This DSP controlled system amplifier is optimized to deliver thunderous bass from KEF Ci subwoofers. With both line and speaker level inputs, and DSP configurable pass-through with optional high pass filters – the KASA500 is versatile and can be deployed in limitless system configurations. To allow for future flexibility KEF engineers may update the KASA500 DSP firmware to optimize performance with additional KEF speakers. The KASA500 Programmer* is a proprietary tool for updating the KASA500 firmware. NOTE: KASA500 software requires a "USB Type A Male to USB Type A Male cable" for connection between your computer and the KASA500.

Download KASA500 Programmer

Download KASA500 Firmware Rev. 10.04 - The latest KASA500 Firmware provides settings for KEF Ci subwoofer models Ci3160RLb-THX, Ci200QSb-THX, Ci200TRb and Ci4100QLb with THX certified performance (if applicable) in both mono and stereo mode.

Download KASA500 EQ setting dip switch chart

Download KASA500 user manual - KASA500 manual includes installation diagrams for both home theater and music sub/satellite installations.

* KEF KASA500 Programmer currently runs only on Windows based machines.

  • Ci200.2CR
  • 適配後箱 (背部箱體)
  • Ci5160RL-THX
  • Ci3160RL-THX
  • Ci3160RLb-THX
  • KASA500 擴大機
  • Ci4100QL-THX
  • Ci4100QLb
  • Ci200RR-THX
  • Ci160TR
  • Ci200QL
  • Ci200QS
  • Ci160QS
  • Ci130QS
  • Ci200QR
  • Ci160QR
  • Ci130QR
  • Ci100QS
  • Ci160CL
  • Ci160CS
  • Ci130CS
  • Ci160CSds
  • Ci160CRds
  • Ci200CR
  • Ci160CR
  • Ci130CR
  • Ci3-80QT
  • Ventura 5T
  • Ci5160REF-THX
  • Ci160QL
  • Ci200CL
  • Ci50R
  • Ci200.3QT
  • Ventura 5
  • Ci160QCT
  • Ci115QCT
  • Ci110FCT
  • Ci160ST
  • 適配框架 (全新托架結構)
  • Ventura 6
  • Ventura 4
  • Ci130.2CR
  • Ci130.2CS
  • Ci160.2CR
  • Ci160.2CS
  • Ci160.2CL
  • Ci200RS-THX
  • Ci100.2QR